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Стало доступно для загрузки бесплатное обновление Shrine of Challenge для игры Children of Morta

07.02.2020 8:21

Сегодня стало доступно для загрузки бесплатное обновление Святилище испытаний (Shrine of Challenge) для игры Children of Morta, которое добавило высокую сложность, новые предметы (18 различных вещиц), врагов, изменения в баланс и интерфейс, внесло ряд исправлений для решения некоторых проблем.
Игра Children of Morta доступна для приобретения для PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch и PC.

С полным списком изменений можно познакомиться ниже:

  • Fixed – Area 30 Boss may become invulnerable preventing the Player from completing the dungeon.
  • Fixed – Claw can go through the corrupted wall and block further progression during the tutorial.
  • Fixed – Terralava: Player can get blocked in Waves room because of Shaman and/or Gelly enemy.
  • Fixed – Souvenirs from other save are immediately unlocked in the new save.
  • Fixed – Infinite loading occurs if killing the Boss at the same moment as it kills the Player.
  • Fixed – Slime enemies may divide beyond the wall.
  • Fixed – Picked up consumable may disappear when the Player picks up a new one.
  • Fixed – Gold chest may not drop loot.
  • Fixed – Killstreak kills often do not reward players with potions on the potion-dropping thresholds.
  • Fixed – Skill points and experience meter may stop working after a certain level cap is reached.
  • Fixed – Skeletons summoned by the Ferocious enemy may persist after his death.
  • Fixed – A soft lock occurs if one Player dies at the same time as the last enemy in a quest with a cutscene during Local Coop.
  • Fixed – Evade and Gemstone tutorial prompts can be triggered again by going backward in the tutorial level.
  • Fixed – Control scheme is displayed in English in all languages.
  • Fixed – It is possible to exploit teleport to the last room in Local Coop.
  • Fixed – Items from Gambler land in one spot making it difficult to pick up/choose from.
  • Fixed – The Player can still use the Shadow Cloak skill while the cooldown timer is active after entering the next floor.
  • Fixed – Joey’s Swing animation frames may persist on screen if interrupted by a cutscene.
  • Fixed – The camera can cause problems to exit an Event room with a door on the south in Local Coop.
  • Fixed – Lack of translation in one line in the narration for the Hoarder ability in several languages.
  • Fixed – A typo in the codex for Mary’s entry.
  • Fixed – English text while playing in Spanish in the Document section in the Codex.
  • Nintendo Switch: Fixed Tooltip only shows the description of the 3 first divine graces.

New Enemies:

  • Dark Blade (Upgraded version of Dark Claw which will appear from Ziggurat and will replace all Dark Claws in Terralava).
  • Mech Constructor (Terralava enemy which will spawn Anarchy Spiders and buff mechanical enemies around himself).

New items:
20 new items added to the game (we have only 18 listed in the trailer – but we’ve actually managed to add two more!)

  • Riders on the Storm – Inflict lightning damage when combo kill counter reaches high levels.
  • Bargain – Lower prices.
  • Adrenaline Rush – Reduce the cooldown of all abilities and items.
  • Sacrificial Pact – Turn a portion of your health into a Health Potion charm.
  • Divine Performer – High combo kill counters rewards more money.
  • Gemstone Hungry – The damage of your primary attack increases with the number of gemstones you possess.
  • Gemstone Pact – Every 25 combo kills grants you a gemstone.
  • Survival Instinct – Increased movement speed when below 25% health.
  • Field Expert – Environmental hazards deal less damage.
  • Enchanted Globes – Health globes heal more.
  • Mortal Morta Mortars – Three boulders fall from the sky, damaging enemies on impact.
  • Lightning Enchantment – Primary attacks have a chance to inflict lightning damage.
  • Soothing Obelisks – Activating obelisks will also heal you.
  • Fatal Blow – Primary attacks have a small chance to instantly kill the target.
  • Ferocious Bolts – Electric bolts randomly emanate from you.
  • Rune **** Machine – Rerolls Runes.
  • Dual Rune Summon – Summon two random Runes.
  • Paralysis Bomb – Stun all nearby enemies.
  • Divine Rage – Decreased rage drain.
  • Electric Discharge – Shoot bolts in random direction.

Hard Mode:

  • Enemies Damage increased by 15%
  • Enemies Health increased by 30%
  • Enemies XP reward increased by 25%

UI changes:

  • You can now select larger UI on different platforms
  • Larger HUD.
  • Larger UI (menus for the most part).
  • Moved objectives from tooltips to Pause Menu.
  • Added the ability to delete notifications:
  • Fatigue notifications will not be saved. So the next time the game’s launched they won’t be in the menu.
  • New fade/scale animation added for some UI.
  • Slight tweaks to notification for Rage being ready to use.

Other changes:

  • Added the ability to cure Fatigue with Mysterious Egg (drop from Belagoo Bird event).


  • Fixed tutorial and forest graphical artifacts.
  • Nintendo Switch: Fixed Performance degradation, the audio completely corrupting and crashing
  • upon putting console to sleep with the game being on.
  • Nintendo Switch: Fixed Audio corruption during first shopkeeper challenge room with multiple
  • slimes in Local Coop.
  • Nintendo Switch: Fixed lots of memory leak issues.
  • Nintendo Switch: Fixed forest level long load time issue.

Tweaks for the Normal Mode:

  • Wind: Enemy health nerfed by 10%
  • Magma: Enemy health nerfed by 10%
  • More Enemies in Wind now get canceled when you are using melee characters.


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